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I prepared this online workshop for pregnant soon to be moms, that want to emotionally prepare for upcoming childbirth in the safety of their own home. In my own birth preparation, I used a lot of different therapeutic tools that I knew from my own work and which I am also sharing in this workshop.


I have written 14 assignments for you, which you will receive periodically on your email over the course of 41 days. In addition to the first and last email, you will receive one email with the assignment every third day. This way, you will have 3 days to complete one assignment. Workshop is divided in tree main parts:

1st Part: In the first three exercises, we will focus on your feelings about the pregnancy and how the culture you are in influences your transition to parenthood.

2nd Part: In the main part of the workshop, we will focus on childbirth. In the first five exercises we will through creative tools explore feelings regarding birth and the last two exercises are designed to help you recognize any questions you may have regarding birth and develop a Birth plan.

3rd Part: This last part is of practical nature. Through exercises, you will learn to let go of the control and calm overwhelming emotions. Exercises in this part are meant to be practiced frequently until the delivery day.

Please note that besides writing, the workshop contains a few creative assignments. However, there is no need to be a talented writer or a world-renowned artist. Use of creativity in self exploration is not just for creative people. Creating something is a method that helps us get in touch with our emotions where the words cannot reach. For me, it is important that you have the opportunity to express your emotions regarding birth and this way make sure that they don’t surprise you in the delivery room. Besides giving you the space for your feelings in this workshop, I will as well give you the tools on how to deal with (overwhelming) emotions.


-a printer (nice to have but not a must)
-drawing materials like color pencils, watercolor paints, crayons, marker pens etc.
-optional material you can use are colorful papers, glitters, macaroni pasta, natural materials such as leaves, chestnuts
-glue, scissors
-music player (a cell phone or a computer that can play mp3 file)


-first pregnancy
-second (or more) pregnancy/es
-women who decided for natural birth, pain relief labor and C-section
-all the exercises are written out, so the workshop is suitable for individuals with any hearing impairments as well


PRICE: 60,00 EUR.


You will receive your first email after the successful payment. Just in case, check in the spam as well. In case of any technical difficulties, please contact me via roomfornurture@gmail.com.

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Pregnancy is a time of big changes, most of which are out of our control. We develop our pregnancy belly, our breasts become larger, and our hormone levels fluctuate. It’s our body’s way to prepare for the birth. Change can trigger memories from our past, some of them we are unaware of and some we may not have dealt with previously. Early memories often come to us through our body’s sensations and feelings. In pregnancy, it is especially important to be kind to yourself and allow yourself to deal with whatever is coming your way. However, sometimes the feelings are overwhelming. In that case, it is best to find an empathic friend or a therapist that can help us through this tough period. Read my article about awoken memories during pregnancy HERE.


I have been working as a psychodynamic body oriented psychotherapist for a decade now.
I worked with many pregnant women and couples along this time, giving them prenatal and postnatal support.
Living abroad and working with different nationalities widened my perspective and deepened my work as a therapist.
If I would pick 2 things that I believe in is learning and empathy.