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People working in busy environment or dynamic cities like London, New York, Singapore, Zurich, Frankfurt, where is no shortage of qualified therapists, often choose online therapy due to its convenience and flexibility. The comfort of having the therapy in your office and not being forced to travel to therapist office often weigh towards online psychotherapy.

Skype therapy has also turned out to be a great option for people whose part of their job is to travel. Regular therapy sessions are important part of progress in psychotherapy. Skipping them because of frequent business trips can become a problem at some point. Online treatment offers time and geographic flexibility which you can’t expect form face-to-face therapy.


Online psychotherapy is suitable for people who due to temporary or permanent reasons can’t go out of their (safe) environment.

Temporary obstacles
In this category I am including temporary situations that require people to stay at home. Here we can talk about different kind of physical injuries that needs longer period of time to heal as well as risk pregnancies and Postpartum (postnatal) depression and/or anxiety and/or obsessive compulsive disorder. In the last case, due to a newborn baby, it is often easier for the new mother to be able to have therapy from home. In my personal experience, I also do therapy where the baby can be next to a mother if she doesn’t have babysitter or wants to have baby near her.

More permanent obstacles
In this category I am including social phobia, agoraphobia, anxiety disorder that leaves us with a bitter taste to go to the places where we experienced panic attacked and also other physical challenges that cost us difficulties to visit therapy face to face. Although the first disorders are not permanent per se, it often feels like they are to the person who is experiencing it. You don’t see the end of it. Isolation can become an issue for some when dealing with emotional difficulties and online treatment can help tremendously in that cases.