During and after pregnancy our body goes through significant changes that can effect our mental well being.

I offer pre/postnatal support for women who need a safe space to share their feelings about their experiences. From my experiences I realized that there is very limited script how pregnant women and later mother should feel about herself and baby during this time. There is little space for negative feelings and doubts.

Here are listed some situations that can occur:

Prenatal: unwanted pregnancy, unexpected pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage, lack of a feeling of love towards your baby, anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts (like hurting your baby, yourself, or others), feelings of regret after an abortion, concerns about your body image, fear of being pregnant, concerns for another miscarriage etc.

Birth: traumatic birth experience

Postnatal: postnatal depression, postnatal anxiety, postnatal obsessive thinking, feeling disconnected or a lack of love for your baby, negative feelings toward yourself or your partner, etc.

In case you are unable to travel to my office due to pre- or post-natal difficulties we can arrange a Skype counseling appointment or a Home visit within the Berliner Ring. Please note that unfortunately I don’t offer coverage through your health insurance (“Versicherung”) for counseling sessions.

Please fill out the following Form and I will return the call normally within 1 working day.