I am a certified sex therapist, and I offer sex therapy for individuals and couples. Sex therapy is a form of counseling intended to help individuals and couples resolve sexual difficulties.

I understand that coming to therapy regarding sex problems is not an easy thing to do. Many people have trouble to talk about sex, let alone about sexual concerns.

I work with vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, inability to reach orgasm, low/high libido imbalance among couples, lack of sexual desire, sexual dissatisfaction, fear of pregnancy, fear of pain during sex, sexual problems after birth, birth trauma, sexual traumas, lack of open communication about sex, getting to know yourself sexually etc. 

I don’t work with topics connected to addictions and Paraphilias. 

In my practice, I use an INTER-SYSTEM APPROACH where we look at 5 factors that play a role in our sexual behaviors:

1. Individual-biological/medical factors: Each partner brings to the relationship a unique biological makeup and medical issues that change over time. For example, taking particular medications can influence our sex life.

2. Individual-psychological factors: Our psychological state can influence our sex life. For example, being depressed influences our libido.

3. Couple dynamics can influence our sex life. For example, being in a highly stressful relationship influences the couple’s sex life.

4. Intergenerational influences such as family patterns, values, attachment style. We learn about relationships and sexuality in our family.

5. Contextual factors such as society, culture, history, religion and physical environment. For example, how our culture view sex is showing in our sex life’s as well.

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