Individual counseling is possible in person (Berlin, Germany) or online in either English or Slovenian language.

Please note that unfortunately I don’t offer coverage through your health insurance (“Versicherung”) for counseling sessions.

To apply for individual counseling, contact me through this contact form.

The way I work in one on one counseling
The introduction session is the first session where we get to know each other better. I will introduce the Counseling Agreement and my way of working, while you will have the opportunity to describe what brought you to counseling. After the initial session, the following 5 sessions are aimed to get to know you better. In this session you will also see if my way of working and in general counseling is a way to go for you. After this, we meet regularly once per week. Having two or more sessions per week is possible upon your request.

A little bit more about Online Counseling
In general, online counseling is suitable for many people. If you have doubts about if it is the right way for your problem, we can determine that in the Introduction meeting. You can read about pros and cons of online counseling and also for who online counseling is for in the tables below.


Pros Cons
Available for all who have internet (accessible). Especially good for remote locations where qualified professional help is unavailable or limited. No face-to face contact, which some people find important.
You can have session in any location, no matter in which country you are. MORE HERE Counselor can miss some non-verbal communication signals.
No cost and time spend on transportation. Possible technical issues (most therapist have agreement what to do in that case).
Some people feel more comfortable working with a therapist who is not from the same town as they. It is a relatively new and growing area with limited scientific research.
You don’t have to miss your session if you are sick.


Suitable Not suitable
Anxiety (any type-panic disorder, general anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, social anxiety) MORE HERE People with severe mental disorder (psychosis, schizophrenia)
Depression (limited) Severe depression with serious suicidal tendencies
Problems in relationships People who are currently addicted
Obsessive compulsive disorder Minors
Eating disorder

If at any time you feel uncomfortable working through Skype, I would encourage you to talk to your therapist about that. You may find that Skype counseling is not for you, which is alright as well. There are many different counseling options that your current counselor can help you find.

How effective is online counseling? MORE HERE.