Due to COVID all the counseling is online for the time being.

Also, I am at my full capacity at the moment, so for now I am not accepting new clients for individual therapy. You can always sing up on my waiting list and you will be notify once a spot gets open.

There is one place left for couples counseling. You can apply for it here

Photo by Tiffany Terry

I am a counselor working in my private practice since 2012. My education lead me through 5 years of intensive study, 2 of which was in Propaedeutic and 3 in Psychodynamic psychotherapy specialization. I hold a ECPP (European Confideration of Psychoanalitic Psychotherapies) as well as the ECP (European Certificate of Psychotherapy) certificate.

In general, counseling is a process through which individuals develop healthier behaviors. A supportive relationship between the counselor and the client allows the individual to talk about themselves in a neutral, objective environment. My practice combines several different approaches and techniques to adjust my work to each individual.

I work in Berlin, Germany in English or Slovenian language. Since 2014 I also offer Skype counseling for those that can’t visit therapy in person.

I worked with several different issues but most of my clients had come to me regarding anxiety, eating disorder, self-image issue, loss of a love one, serious health concerns (cancer, chronic illness), trauma (lost, infidelity) and relationship issues.

Online Therapy