The aim of this workshop is to bring awareness of our patterns and wounds that we are carrying with us into the present moment. A lot of people repeat patterns and behaviors that they are not aware of. This workshop will help you to open your understanding towards your behaviors and wounds you are carrying with you. It will also teach you how to deal with your emotions that will evoke through this self discovery.

We will search for these patterns and wounds in relationships to your parents and in your childhood. This workshop is not intending to bash your parents, but to shine more light on your relationship with them. It’s not about talking bad about them as a person, it is more about giving the pain that might be caused by their actions space. Here is a room that I want to offer to you, where you can, in the safety of your own home, explore your relationships, patterns, and wounds.

What I really want to emphasize is that our parents were wounded too. Through their unintended wounds that they carry, they wounded us. I would like you to gain more awareness of your pain and feelings through this creative workshop. The more awareness you have, the less chance there is for you, to wound your own children and people around you.

Awareness is painful, at the same time awareness is healing. However, this workshop is not a substitute for therapy, but it is a great tool to widen your awareness of your relationship, to give your feelings and thoughts a space in the safety of your own home.

In case you don’t know your parent (or don’t know the parent well), I will give you some extra directions in the assignments when needed.

How does the workshop work?
I have written 11 assignments for you, which you will receive periodically on your email over the course of 32 days. After the first email (a bonus assignment is waiting for you there), you will get another email with your first assignment the next day. Then you will receive a new assignment every third day. It will take you around an hour or two to finish one assignment. You will have 3 days to think about each assignment and finish it. It is up to you if you want to focus only on one parent or on both of them at the same time.

All together, there will be 11 assignments. In almost all of them I represent a different therapy concept, method, or direction. You will learn something about the psychotherapy along the way, and the assignment will be in the context of this new information. At times, we will get a little creative but don’t worry it is not about how it looks, it is about the process of healing.

The materials you will need:
-printer (you can also work on the assignments without the prints, if needed)
-pen, drawing material
-camera/or phone camera
-audio player (phone or computer) to listen to my audio

Price: 60 EUR

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I have been working as a psychodynamic body oriented psychotherapist for a decade now. Living abroad and working with different nationalities widened my perspective and deepened my work as a therapist.
I was interested in relationships since my childhood. I was always fascinated by our inner world. My curiosity about who I am has probably lead me to become a psychotherapist.
I believe that understanding our early relationships is important. They play a key role in who we are today. However, for me, understanding is not the same as over-analyzing our past.
What is important to me in relationships? Being authentic, honest, having deep conversations, being there when in need, and respect.