Adjustment to a new environment

Cultural shock is a part of experience when you move abroad. Moving can be a stressful. You can never really prepare for the changes that you are going to face. Even if you are moving to a similar cultural background there will be some bumps along the road. If you are new to the language, this can only deepen the feelings of loneliness, isolation and stress.

People forced to move when their spouse is transferred to a foreign country, with no job and limited support, may have an especially hard time.

Sometimes cultural shock doesn’t hit us right away. We can be in a so called “honeymoon phase”. When person gets used to new environment and novelty become less exciting, the shock can check up with us.

Having problems living abroad

Being a human means that we will have rough times. We can develop or face serious troubles anytime in our life time, no matter where we live. If we happen to be in a foreign country, this can cause us even greater distress. Not having access to a therapist that is not only able to understand our language, but also our cultural background, can be discouraging. Online therapy helps in this cases. In my experience, it is a great option for people living abroad.

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